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Web Standards Design Wiki


The Web Standards Design wiki was created to provide a central clearinghouse of information on creating web standards compliant web pages. There are currently nine categories:


  • Appropriate lists - Describes when an list item is and is not the right element to use
  • Correct divs - Details how to use <div> elements in a web standard fashion
  • Fitting tables - Explains why tables aren't the best choice for navigation and suggests alternatives
  • Modern elements - Lists deprecated elements and attributes with better approaches for each
  • Proper classes - Shows how to avoid "classitis" and other common misuses of CSS class selectors
  • Proper IDs - Discusses when you should and shouldn't use an ID selector
  • Structural integrity - Describes how best to work with heading elements, like <h1>
  • Structural labeling -  Provides direction for naming classes: what to avoid and some alternative options
  • True navigation - Offers alternatives to using tables for navigation


Currently, the wiki is being authored in collaboration by Jeffrey Zeldman and Joseph Lowery.



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